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Shri Shyam Katha


t is the story of medieval Mahabharata. Many of the devotees must be knowing that the eldest among the five Pandava brothers was Yudhishthir, also known as Dharamaraj, and oldest Kaurava sibling was Duryodhan, who was the mirror image of unrighteousness and untruth. A cold war had always been raging between the Pandavas and the Kauravas right from their childhood to their youth. Yudhishthir couldn't leave the path of righteousness whereas Duryodhan wouldn't leave the path of sin.

Duryodhan, at every step, swindled the Pandavas and the limit of cheating was crossed when the Pandavas were compelled to stay in the lakshagraha or the house made of lakh. It was because of blessing of the Lord that the five Pandavas came out safely from lakshagraha along with their mother Kunti. Knowing Duryodhan to be their prime enemy, they did not return to Hastinapur. They started living in the forest. During the same period when, on one night, in a dense forest, mother Kunti, Yudhishthir, Arjun, Nakul and Sahdev were in deep sleep, the club bearer Bhim, symbol of strength, 'son of the wind' was guarding them alertly.

Hath Jod Vinti Karu, Sunio Chit Lagaye.
Das Aa Gayo Sharan Me, Rakhio Mahari Laaj.
Dhanya Dudharo Desh Hai, Khatu Nagar Sujjan.
Anupam Chavi Shri Shyam Ki, Darshan Se Kalyan.
Shyam-Shyam To Ma Rattu, Shyam Hai Jiwan Pran.
Shyam Bhakat Jag Me Bade, Unko Karu Parnam.
Khatu Nagar Ke Beech Me, Banyo Apko Dham.
Phalgun Shukla - Dwadashi, Utsav Bharti Hoaye.

Shri Shyam Baba Bhajan

Om Jai Shrishyam Hare, Baba Jai Shrishyam Hare
Khatudham Virajat, Anupam Roop Dhare ||Om Jai||
Rattan Jadit Singhasan Sir Par Chanwar Dhure |
Tan Kesariya Bago, Kundal Shrawan Pade ||Om Jai||
Gal Pushpo Ki Mala, Sir Par Mukut Dhare |
Khewat Dhoop Agni Par, Deepak Jyoti Jale||Om Jai||
Modak Khir Churma, Suwarn Thal Bhare |


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Shri Khatu Shyamji Bhajan
Date : 15th November 2009
Venue : Maheshwari Mandal Plot
150,Road,Next To Fly Over Bridge
Bhayandar (W)
Pin : 401101

Ekadashi / Dwadashi : (Shukla Paksha - 11th & 12 of every month.) Ekadashi gains its importance from the fact that Shree Shyamji was born on 11th day of Shukla Paksh in the month of Kartik.

Dwadashi - Shree Shyamji donated His Head "SHISH" to Lord Krishna during the great battle of Mahabharata - "SHISH DAAN".


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